The whizzinator is a device that is used mostly by the male gender to stimulate urination. It is an alternative to the use of the real urine since it is safer to the users. That is not the only use of this device because the people who buy the Whizzinator use it to defeat the drug tests. There are many careers that requires one to have a certain urine test to ensure that they do not have steroids in the blood. The urine test is the largely used method used by doctors in detecting the presence of the drugs in the body of the athletes or other persons. The Whizzinator will fraudulently defeat the drug tests in the urine. The Whizzinator is a complete kit that purchased with dried urine, a syringe and a heater that is useful in keeping the urine at the required body temperature. This article will be helpful in explaining the work of the Whizzinator and direct you to the dealers in the market. Check out what Synthetic Urine is and what Whizzinator Touch does.


The Whizinator is a universal device, and therefore we have a variety of designs and colors to make sure that the client's needs are satisfied. There are several skin tones of black, white and other colors and your choice will depend on your taste and preference. It is also possible to have a female version of the Whizzinator to make sure that all the genders are satisfied by this useful device. The manufacturers of these products are licensed companies who have been authorized by the relevant authority. It assures the customers of the quality products to ensure that their needs are satisfied and that they achieve their goals and objectives more comfortably. The whizzinator has many uses, and hence it is helpful in fulfilling various needs to make sure that the user fulfills their desires.


This website will explain the various uses of the device to illustrate on how the Whizzinator is used. There are several instructions to be followed to make sure that the results of using the device are achieved within a given period. There are also restrictions on who should use this device and those who should not use it. The internet is an important concept that can help everyone to learn about the use and availability of various devices. The latest designs and technologies are also illustrated here as far as the Whizzinator is concerned. To learn more about this device and where to get the device, click on the link provided below.